Cape Town's first Fermentation Lab is constantly experimenting to develop new probiotic goodies. We ferment pretty much anything that falls down our stairs. Our best sellers are our 4 'Ks': unpasteurized Kraut, Kombucha, Kimchi and Kefirs. 

Our Fermentation Bar offers a range of probiotic rich buffalo and jersey cow kefir smoothies, water kefirs and in-house, naturally carbonated, kombuchas, kvass, and 'gut shots' - straight probiotic hits which can be used to rejuventate instead of a coffee, to soothe a stomach needing TLC or as a punchy probiotic mixer in a cocktail.

Our range of home-made lacto-fermented vegetables is constantly changing - with staple kimchis and krauts, we also lacto-ferment anything from dilly beans, lemons, to carrot and ginger twirls, garlic cloves to watermelon rinds. All fantastic sides to roasted meats and salads or cocktails! 

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