Wedding and Celebration Cheese Cakes

Whether you are having a small wedding and need only a modest selection, or plan to host an event requiring a spectacular tower, we put together dozens of cakes and – with our combined expertise and experience – can accommodate almost anything.




For 65 people

c. R4,100

Mixture of local and imported cheeses




For 50 people

c. R3,200.

Exclusively local cheeses

For 35 people

c. R2,600.

Mixture of local and imported cheese


For 40 people

c. R3,000

Mixture of local and imported cheese

65 + people


Mixture of local and imported cheese 


Same cheeses as left, but farmyard style! 


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Prices given above are subject to market fluctuations. Decorational fruit, flowers and our in-house selection of cheese crackers and condiments can be arranged upon request. 

Unless your heart is set on one of the above, we always recommend that you arrange a tasting with our cheesemongers at 215 Bree Street, to make sure you have the perfect cake for your celebration.
We now also have Pepe Charlot's delicious and beautiful Coeur Neufchâtel (seen below), which we have started adding to our celebration cakes!



We now ship using SAA Cargo to all national airports. As at August 2016:

- Up to 10 kilos of cheese ships at R200,
- Up to 20 kilos of cheese ships at R300.

Logistics: We deliver to the airport and put it on the flight. The receiving airport will hold the cheese in cold storage for collection. All you need is an/driver's license and the way bill number and you can collect within 10 minutes of the flight arriving. There are several flights a day between Cape Town and Joberg, Durban, George, East London, Kimberley, Richard's Bay, Port Elizabeth & Bloemfontein.

If you are purchasing more than R3900 of cheese, we will ship for free. 

Shipping requires payment of 100% of the invoice up front.


We have a selection of cheese that is available for international export. Please contact Jessica on +27 (0)72 696 7569 for more information

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