AOC Brie de Meaux - Dongé

Raw Cow,  Montbeliarde
Ile-de-France, France
AKA the "King of Cheeses" This 1200 year old beauty takes 25 litres of raw Montbeliarde cow's milk to make one 3kg wheel. When matured correctly and left out of the fridge for half a day you get the full mushroomy aroma and sauted cabbage flavours, letting you know that you're chowing down on the best Brie in the world. You should get light brown patches on the rind, indicating the active strain of Penicillium Camemberti mould.
Made by the Dongé family since 1930, and now in the hands of third generation Luc and Jean-Michel Dongé, the cheese is one of only seven remaining made to the AOC specification. Hand ladled and drained on reed mats, the resulting cheese is soft, full flavoured and vegetal with a bloomy white rind.
Weight +/- 3 kilos
Dimensions +/- 36cm x 4cm

Collections: Wall of Cheese

Type: Cheese

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