AOP Swiss Emmental

Raw cow
Bern Canton, West Central Switzerland
Made in around 200 village dairies from raw milk and cows fed on grass and hay but strictly no silage. This gives me a chance to use my favourite named bacteria Propionibacterium Freudenreichii Shermanii. This is what causes the "eyes" or holes in this cheese and is like a mouthful of hazelnuts, brioche and hay. Dangerously moreish. It takes over 1000 litres of milk to make one Emmental. That's a tonne of milk and some can reach up to 130kg in weight. Fact of the day: North Korean despot Kim Jong-un's favourite cheese is Swiss Emmental. It is also the most religious of cheeses due to its holiness. sorry
Weight +/- 60-130 kilos
Dimensions +/- 80cm x 15cm

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Type: Cheese

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