BRIE AUX TRUFFE - truffle Brie de Meaux

The ABSOLUTE height of luxury! Why not combine the rarest, most delicious foods? We make our truffle stuffed Brie de Meaux (Brie aux truffe) using Buffalo milk fromage blanc and black Italian truffles. It's beyond brie-lief.


One eighth (c. 350g) - R450

One quarter (c. 700g) - R850

One half (c. 1.4 kilos) - R1,600

A whole (c.2.8 kilos) -  R3,000

N.B. Although there is no comparison in terms of flavour, we can also do this with a local brie or camembert for a fraction of the price - please email for more information

MON - SAT 9am-5pm
SUN - 9am-3pm